Collection: Ballet Level 5

Level 5 Dancewear Requirements (Click on the item to view item page)

PLEASE NOTE: These requirements are only for dancers enrolled in Level 5 classes.  We understand dancers may be enrolled in multiple genres on the same day. Black leotards may be worn by students who are not taking a Ballet class or on days when not in Ballet class. 

LEVEL 5 BALLET DANCERS MUST WEAR "TEAL"! Please be sure to choose "TEAL", followed by the dancer's size when purchasing.

Dancers may choose from the following styles:

Dancer's must also follow these attire guidelines:
    • Black dance skirts (optional) NO DANCE SHORTS
    • Pink footed or Convertible/Transition Tights-NO footless tights
    • Split-sole pink ballet shoes (Canvas ONLY)
    • Hair must be in a clean and secure bun

    For male dancers:

    • Boys can wear black joggers or shorts and white t-shirt
    • Boys black split-sole canvas/leather ballet slippers
    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Allison H. at